I obviously haven't gotten the point across with the rules in each thread, so I will list them each here.

Rules for: Report Account Activation Problems Here

As of August 09, 2005, we require that you verify your forum member account when you sign up. When you sign up, an email is sent to you asking to verify your account, and your account will not work unless you verify it. If you signed up after August 9, 2005, and did not receive that verification email, then make a reply to this topic. I will active your account.

Thank you.


Addition (09-30-05): Posts in this thread does not add to your post count. This is to prevent spam.

Addition (11-06-05): This should go without saying, but many of you obviously don't get it. In order to have your account reactivated, post here. Do not PM me, do not beg me in chat, do not bug other staff because you posted here and it has only been ten minutes. Post here, and then wait. I guarantee you that your account will be activated. Doing anything that I just said not to do, and you may find yourself waiting longer because of it.

Addition (11-11-05): Do not bug other staff members either about your account not being active. Doing so will be treated as if you had contacted me directly.

Addition (02-24-07): If your account isn't activated in a reasonable time since your request (more than 48 hours), you may send me a PM. I will typically process the request then if I haven't already.

Addition (09-18-08): Due to a busy schedule, feel free to send me a PM or contact me in AF Chat if I do not reply to your post here in a decent amount of time.

Addition (11-15-08): In addition to the methods of contacting me listed above, you may also send me a message on MSN or AIM. My contact information can be found in my profile.
Rules for: Request an Old Account

Plain and simple: Post your request in the thread, and if I do not respond in a decent amount of time, then you may send me a private message and notify me in AF Chat.

Edit (11-15-08): So I've been busy lately and have completely neglected this particular forum as a result. To actually get this thing ticking along again, I revised the policies for how to go about requesting an old account.

To request an old account, please do the following:

1. Post here with the account you wish to take
2. Message me on AIM or MSN (my contact info is in my profile)
3. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, follow up with me again.

After speaking with Kaitou Ace, we've decided that the follow course will be taken for granting old accounts:

- The old account will be renamed to Username-Old
- You will then be able to purchase a name change to change to the new account
- Should someone snatch it up before you do, let me know and I'll change them back.

Please keep in mind the following requirements for obtaining a new username:

- You must have been a member of AnimeForum.com for at least six month
- You must have a good reputation.
- If you've had your account suspended due to too many infractions, then you are disqualified.

If you have no interest in getting an old account, then do not post in this thread. Let me make this clear: I am busy. I do not have time to clean up spam. You spam this thread, I suspend your account for a week. So be warned now.
Rules for: Request Ban Removal Here

Was your account suspended more than five days ago? If so, post here and I will review your suspension and decide whether or not to unban your account.

Do NOT whine here if you have been banned from the chat room and/or have been permanently banned from chat or the forum. This thread is for FORUM BANS ONLY.

Thank you.

Note: Spamming will result in lost rep and possibly the extention of your suspension.

Edit (09-18-05): Do NOT private message me with your request. Post here and ask here. Privating messaging me will only result in my delayed response to your request. Also, harassing me in private is NOT a very good idea. That will result in the immediate denial of your request. 'tis not a good idea to break rules when asking to be un-suspended.

Addition (09-18-08): You MAY send me a PM regarding your ban removal if you feel it necessary. Just be polite about it.

Addition (11-16-08): Do not post about your account not being activated here. Only forum ban issues will be responded to here. All other requests will be ignored.
Now let me make absolutely certain you understand the big rules and information:

1. Do NOT PM me for ANY reason about your posts in each thread. I will handle it ONLY if you post in the forums. This includes through the Private Message program here on the forums AND IN CHAT. Doing so may make me blind to your request and overlook it.

2. Do not post more than ONCE. Rest assured, I will see your one request and handle it when I handle all of the requests. Just because I didn't activate your account five minutes after doesn't mean I wont activate your account. In fact, posting more than once may cause me to not see your request in the first place.

3. Do not make any other request other than the topic of the thread you are viewing.

4. You MAY send me a private message if I do not reply to your request soon enough. Just be polite.

Remember: It is my decision whether or not to grant your request. If you violate the rules, I am by no means required to honor your request.